Tickets within the myTrip app are live tickets that will have an expiry date and time. We advise you to only activate your ticket just before you travel, whilst you are in an area with mobile data or WiFi connection. In most cases, a ticket entitlement will begin to count down from the moment the ticket is activated, unless you have a fixed date ticket (such as a school term ticket).

If you have activated your ticket too early and have subsequently been unable to use it please contact our customer support team through the Give Feedback section on the app or at

Depending on the ticket type and the duration of the travel allowance on the ticket, we will liaise with operators on a case by case basis to either refund the ticket to enable you to purchase a brand new ticket or swap the ticket with a new one. 

We will always check active tickets with operators to identify if they have been used. Please bear with us while we await a response from the operator.

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