There are a couple of reasons why you may not have received your ticket but a charge is showing on your bank. 

Firstly, the payment may be showing as a pending charge on your bank but at some stage in the process, the payment in the app could have stalled or been cancelled. This may have been cancelled for a multitude of reasons. It may take between 2-10 days for funds to appear back in your account following a rejected payment. 

If you wish to travel immediately please attempt to purchase a ticket using a different method of payment. 

If you wish to query a rejected payment and discover the reason for this payment being taken but not processed to a ticket, please contact our customer service team through the Give Feedback form in the app or email us at

Note: Banks often remove money from an individual's account even when a payment has been rejected. This money will always be returned to the customer and the time taken to return to a customer's account varies depending on which bank you are with. 

Alternatively, if payment has been successfully processed and you still have not received your ticket you may have selected the “It’s a gift for someone else” option at the checkout. A gifted ticket will not automatically be assigned to an account, a code for the gifted ticket will have been emailed to the email address entered at the checkout or to the purchaser email if no email was specified at the checkout. For further details on how to claim a gifted ticket code please see our How do I gift a ticket?/How do I buy a ticket for someone else to use? guide.

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