The myTrip app has several automated fraud prevention measures and account safety features. 

Reasons you may receive an automated “Suspicious account activity” email could be due to:

  • Multiple logins of the same account on different devices
  • Logging out and in again on the same account on the same device
  • Non-compliance with terms of use, such as taking a screenshot of a live ticket
  • Suspicious purchasing activity (like?)
  • Incorrect bank details? 

We advise staying logged into our account on one device at all times. You should not need to log out of your account. 

Accounts can also not be shared. If you are purchasing a ticket for someone else (such as a parent/guardian purchasing a school ticket for a child) please follow our How do I buy a ticket for someone else to use? guide.

If the suspicious activity was not performed by you then we suggest performing a password reset to ensure that your account is secure.

If the suspicious activity was performed by you and you have subsequently received an account ban please contact us at and we can look into rectifying any issues for you.

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