Your ticket should be activated just before you are due to travel.

Selected tickets have an activation period of 30 minutes (such as single journey tickets) and cannot be used after this time. Therefore, if a journey ticket is activated at, for example, 8 am, this will expire for use at 8:30 am. Therefore, this ticket will not be accepted by any ticket machine or driver after 8:30 am.

Depending on the operator, day tickets, for example, will either be active for 24 hours or until the end of service (3am).

Once activated, a countdown will begin on the ticket, letting you know how long you have left to use it.

To activate your ticket ensure you are in an area with a mobile signal or WiFi if you don’t use data.

An internet connection through data or WiFi is required to activate your ticket. You will also need to be connected every 3 days for the longer-term tickets to reconnect so you can continue to use them.

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