If you are attempting to use a myTrip QR code ticket and it is rejected this could be for several reasons: 

  • Unsupported operating system or hardware - please ensure you are using a supported device and iOS. Please see our What are the supported mobile devices for my mobile app? guide for more information
  • Having an outdated version of the app installed - please make sure you have the latest version of the app and automatic updates are enabled 
  • The date and time on your device may be incorrect - please set the date and time correctly and set the time zone to be set automatically. Please see our What should I do if the app says "Ticket unavailable" or shows the wrong countdown? guide for more information.
  • Ensure you have had an internet connection within the last 72 hours - this is required for all QR code tickets on the myTrip app 
  • Ensure you are opening and closing the app properly before and after use to allow the QR code to refresh 
  • Turn the brightness up on your device screen and consider if a reflective/patterned screen protector could be preventing scanning
  • Ensure you are using the ticket on the correct service where this is valid. It may be that if all of the above details are correct that you are attempting to use the ticket on a service where it is not valid.

Please note, if you have a persistent issue with QR codes on your device then be aware that you will still be able to use your ticket via the ‘Word of the Day’ displayed on the ticket screen. 

If you are still having trouble using your ticket after trying the above suggestions, please contact our customer service team via the Give Feedback section in the app or by emailing us at help@myTrip.today For further details on how to contact us please see our How do I contact Customer Support? article.

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