If you are unable to see vehicles or stops on the Live Buses (the map) view in the app you may be zoomed out too far. To zoom in, pinch two fingers together and place them on the screen at a point on the map you would like to zoom in on/where you are searching for buses and stops. Keep doing this until buses or stops appear. 

Alternatively, you can use the search function to locate a specific city, town, road or bus stop. This will put you in your selected position of interest on the map and allow you to then use the zoom in motion to begin searching the area on the map for specific bus stops. 

If you are zoomed out too far on the map to see vehicles or stops there will be a notice in the top left-hand corner.
If after following these steps, vehicles are still not showing please contact us with the details of the area and services you are searching for. Please see our How do I contact Customer Support? article for further details. 

Please see our How do I track a bus? guide for more information.


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