Buses are traceable via the Live Bus section on the app also known as the Live Buses screen. Upon first opening the app, you are automatically taken to the Live Buses screen. However, if you are in a different section of the app then you will need to go to the top left-hand corner of the screen, to the left of the search bar and select the Menu icon displayed by three lines. Once on the menu select Live Buses. 

On the Live Buses screen map, you are then able to swipe to navigate to a specific city, town or street or you can use the search function to access a specific location. Once at a specific location, you will see operator buses appearing on the map and moving in their direction of travel. If you are planning to catch one of these bus services from a specific stop, find the stop and select it. This will bring up a small stop screen on your phone, that lists all of the services that operate from this stop and allows you to favourite a stop for future reference. Select the Track Vehicles button and this will then highlight vehicles and their route to and from the bus stop you have selected. 

If you do not see any vehicles or stops on the map you may be zoomed out too far, if this is the case you will be able to see a notice in the top left corner saying “zoom in to see vehicles/stops”. For more information please see our I can’t see any stops and/or buses on the map article. 

Why does the bus icon turn into a circle?

When a bus turns to a circle icon this means that the bus is currently stationary. When the bus is moving it will turn into a bus icon, this is to indicate the direction of travel so you know if it is an outbound or inbound journey.

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