A departure board displays when buses depart from a specific bus stop. This information can show either the scheduled time of an expected departure for a particular bus or a real-time prediction of how long the bus will take to arrive at the selected stop.

A Departure Board can be accessed in the myTrip app by tapping and selecting a stop, then selecting ‘Departures’.

Departure boards do not show:

  • More than 30 departures
  • Departures in the past
  • The last visit for a journey (i.e. a bus that will only arrive and won’t depart from the stop)

What does a departure look like?

Departure times depend on the information provided by an individual operator and the availability of real-time predictions may differ on a per-operator basis. 

What is real-time information?

Real-time information about departures is an estimated departure time shown in minutes. This predicts how many minutes a bus is from departing at the selected stop based on its current location. Real-time departure predictions are displayed in green.

What is scheduled information?

Scheduled departure time is the time a bus has been scheduled to depart a specific stop. Scheduled times are displayed in 24-hour clock format, for example, 14:35. Scheduled times won’t account for factors that may have affected a bus’ journey such as traffic conditions.