If you can’t sign in to the app this could be because you have forgotten or are entering the incorrect login details. If this is the case, try and complete a password reset.  Please note that passwords are case sensitive.

If you are unable to complete a password reset this may be due to a spelling mistake in your email address when signing up for the app. We advise you to contact our customer services team through the Give Feedback section of the app or by emailing help@myTrip.today from the email you believe to be signed up to the app with and explaining you were unable to access your account. The team will be able to take any further details from you concerning your failed login and attempt to access your account. If successful, one of the team will be able to change the email address of the account to the correct one. You will then be required to complete a password reset. 

However, if you are still unable to log in and the team aren’t able to access your account then do consider if you used an alternative email address. Further to this, if any common error messages are appearing when you log in, then contact the team with a screenshot of the error and we will try to assist as best we can.


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